Melasma Natural Treatment ~Tips You Can Do For Home Melasma Treatment

melasma natural treatmentThere are times when women and men are faced with Melasma and may be looking for Melasma natural treatment options.

This discoloration or hyperpigmentation can be caused by heredity, hormones or even medication. The truth is that it can be very upsetting to have to deal with dark patches on your face or some other part of your body. I can make your skin appear ‘dirty’ and older than it truly is.

Melasma is a skin condition that is rather common. You will start to notice the development of some visible brown patches that start to appear on the face. You will probably see it on your cheeks, forehead and chin. You may even see it on the bridge of your nose.

It can also develop during pregnancy which is caused by hormones. People refer to this as “pregnancy mask”

I’ve put together a list of tips from some experts in using a home melasma treatments that work.

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Home Remedies for Melasma

For example, you could try diluting some vinegar in a glass of water and use the solution to cleanse your face. Allow your face to air dry, thereby allowing it to seal in some moisture. The main benefits of vinegar are that it is a chemically acetic acid – making it potent bleach; as well as having an effect of making the skin seem much smoother and more radiant.

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Below is a video we found that we found, it shows how to use natural ingredients like rose water to treat melasma.

Natural Treatment for melasma

This is a natural video tutorial on how to reduce melasma. Melasma is a condition that causes women to have dark brown or gray patches on their skin.

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Home Remedies for Melasma Treatment~ More Quick Tips

1) You should Exfoliate your face regularly – use a gentle scrub 3 to 4 times a week to encourage cell renewal and remove old, darker skin. New fresh skin will gradually emerge.

2) Use a loofah for your body. This will help to get the dead and darkened skin cells off to encourage new cell growth as well.

3) Always use an SPF, of at least 30, sunscreen daily and try to cut down on excessive sun exposure.

4)Drink lots of water, when your skin tissues are hydrated they in-turn will do what they are supposed to and a lot of skin problems surprisingly resolve on their own.

5) Find a proven guide that outlines and teaches you home remedies for best melasma treatment like the popular guide Skin Whitening Forever. This is a well known publication that details a simple system to help you treat your melasma right from you home, using ingredients you probably already have-or can get from the store. It is full of more in-depth tips that may be just what you need to get that even skin tone back:)

melasma on faceBy exfoliating you are removing the dead skin cells that can be causing or adding to the dark areas of your skin. It is an important step. It actually helps the new lighter skin to come to the surface.

Also by using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above, you can prevent further hyperpigmentation that is caused by the sun’s rays. And protect the new skin that is starting to show.

Using A Natural Cream For Treating Melasma..

Some people want to take a more direct approach and use a  Melasma cream for natural treatment. Using a skin lightening cream is sometimes easier than having to prepare ingredients.

Meladerm is a cream that is perfect for this. It is a cream that will lighten your freckles, melasma and other dark areas with regular use. And it is made with natural ingredients such as kojic acid, Mulberry, Licorice and Bearberry plants.

Many people have used Meladerm, with great success, on their dark spots.


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My melasma makes me sad. MAC full-coverage foundation became my best friend…until I tried MELADERM. Very quickly I began to see results. I can now look into my bathroom mirror when I awake and smile because I look “normal”. Mustache and under eye discoloration greatly reduced. Now I can look great using a light-weight tinted BB cream…and I’m only on my first bottle of MELADERM. Here is what I can’t figure out. Why do other product makers find it so hard to be effective. MELADERM makes it look so easy.(from official website)

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Which Melasma Natural Treatment is Best?

As you can see there are many different ways to try to lighten your melasma or dark spots naturally. There are also many different kinds of products such as creams and entire skin care regimens that are made for melasma and dark spots. But, be careful as you want products made up of truly natural ingredients for melasma natural treatment. People seem to be very happy with their results. People have said that these products can be “life changing”!

And the truth is that a natural cream is much easier and a whole lot more convenient to use :)

No matter what route you choose, melasma natural treatment can be possible. If you choose a natural homemade remedy or a naturally made cream like Meladerm, you won’t  have to worry about any side effects of other chemically based products out there.

Just start today follow a few of the tips above and don’t get discouraged. I know for me having to hide my melasma with makeup and my hair was such a process. But now after deciding to use a skin lightening cream I am much more confident!

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