Is Meladerm Good For Freckles & Freckle Removal

is meladerm good for freckles

Freckles, freckles, freckles…To tell you the truth I think freckles are truly beautiful. But, unfortunately for the one who has them, they can sometimes be considered somewhat of an annoyance.

If you have ever been in the position where you were just tired of your ‘beauty marks’ or you really don’t agree that they are pretty, then finding a cream for freckle removal that is natural may become a quest you are really dedicated to.

I have found that many women have wondered is Meladerm good for freckles & effective freckle removal. In order to find out I did some looking around and came to one conclusion…..

How To Remove Freckles ~ What I Found

While researching if Meladerm is good as a cream to lighten and remove freckles, I was very surprised to find many reviews about people actually using meladerm cream for freckles and for melasma. Overall the reviews are very positive.

For the most part people were using it for a full 6 weeks and were very happy with the results.

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The thing is, just because a company claims to have a ‘wonder product’ doesn’t make it so. I wanted ‘real people’ to give their own opinions in their own words.

I looked at several different blogs and sites where the reviews all seemed to be very positive. One woman in particular stated that she had freckles all of her life and was tired of using concealer to cover the freckles on her face and lips.

Now after using Meladerm skin lightening cream for about 4 months, she is no longer considering laser treatment for her freckles. I think the thing here is that you have to realize it won’t be overnight-you will have to be consistent for awhile.

The amount of time that you continue to apply Meladerm to fade your freckles will vary from person to person. Plus, if you take the extra steps such as exfoliation and sun protection you may have quicker results.

Meladerm ~ Freckle Removal Cream reviews?

In addition to me telling you what I found out about Meladerm here, I found a couple of reviews that I would like to share with you. These are actually customers who used Meladerm for freckles, melasma, for underarm whitening etc.. and were very pleased with their results.

The first one is from Juila and is from March 2013. (She writes the review and refers to Meladerm as Civant. Civant is the company that developed Meladerm cream)

Julia writes..

I found Civant from searching on the internet for EFFECTIVE products that would fade older acne scars,excessive freckles and large pores. Civant’s name came up as a GENUINE product that worked. Also as an Aussie, I spent too much time in our harsh sun when younger, I paid the price with large pores and premature lines. So on top of freckles, acne scars I also had lines/pores to contend with and was self conscious. I think, I have literally meladerm cream for frecklesspent a small fortune in products and even, 15 years ago, went through a chemical peel with not great results.

Skeptical, I ordered Civant. Honestly (and I have NEVER written a product review in my life)Civant has made a REMARKABLE difference. I am getting compliments on my skin for the first time in about twenty five years! I only wished I hadn’t been so skeptical in not taking before and after photos. I actually starting using Civant with the cynical anticipation that it wasn’t going to make an iota of difference, but it truly does.

Even my VERY noticeable pores have diminished considerably and the older acne scars, many have gone and the remainder are fading. Civant has made a huge difference to my self esteem and I love the product for that. meladerm for frecklesI’m so grateful after years and years of trying numerous products that invariably failed and even considered going to a cosmetic surgeon to consider expensive laser therapy. Thank you to the team at Civant, I will be forever a devotee of your products because THEY WORK! (From real testimony page on company website)

That review is pretty convincing, but I read on and found some others. You have to understand that everyone has different skin and different shades of freckles, so your particular results may be different.

If you are still wondering how to remove freckles and is Meladerm good for freckles, then this is another person who wrote a review. Her name is Eni and she wrote this testimony in February of 2011..

Eni wrote…

This product is absolutely AMAZING. I am using it to fade away the freckles in my face. I can see the results immediately, within the first day of use. I applied SPF 30 cream on top, as recommended, and my skin has been clear all day long. I strongly recommend this product, as well as I recommend following the instructions regarding sun protection. So far I have no irritations, and my skin feels really healthy (I am also using the moisturizer). Thank you so much!(From Civant Website)

Of course Civant is not surprised at these results, this is what Meladerm was created for. It was made to fade and lighten dark spots, also called hyper-pigmentation, on the skin. So, asking is Meladerm good for freckles is really a no brainer.

does meladerm work for frecklesFreckle Removal With Meladerm

Whenever you use a product to lighten hyper-pigmentation, like freckles, you need to make sure that you are using a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30. This will ensure that you are fading your freckles without any more discoloration caused by the sun. Plus, you should also limit any sun exposure.

When you are looking to naturally fade dark skin spots and get that even skin tone and complexion, you have to realize it will take time and patience for the desired results.

But, when you add in exfoliation before using Meladerm freckles removal cream you will probably see results within 2 weeks of use.

Better & faster results is the reason it is a good idea to exfoliate your skin regularly. This just helps the product to work better. Exfoliating will help to deep clean your pores and allow the Meladerm cream for freckles to really penetrate your skin and work better.

However, the best results generally take 2-3 months and will vary based on your specific skin type and condition. A 30 Day money back guarantee is also offered on the official website.

So, is Meladerm good for freckles…real users say yes!

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