My Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Review ~ Does It Really Work?

Whether you have sun spots, acne marks, uneven skin tone, scarring or freckles, you have probably heard about Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex and how well it is working for many people. It has been highlighted on some popular TV networks including The LifeTime chanel. If you really want to lighten skin that is darkened and has hyperpigmentation of some kind then you really should consider this product.

Feeling beautiful is important and when you have uneven skin tone caused by well, life – you can tend to be very self conscious. Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful and look younger, right?

You really need to find something that truly works. Something that can seriously fade those spots so that you can feel confident enough and not have to hide those hyperpigmentated areas.

I decided to do an overview so that you can confidently decide without question if this popular & considered the best skin lightening product for hyperpigmentation is worth trying. Simply asking, “Does Meladerm Work?”

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What Is Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream?

This product is a well known whitening cream created by the company Civant Skin Care. It was actually launched about 10 years ago. It was developed after years of testing and research. And it claims to be the most advanced formula on the market today.

It was created by using the industry’s latest research and most cutting edge technologies and best ingredients. It is used for such conditions as

Let’s face it, dark areas on the skin make you look older. If you have these dark areas then discovering a Skin lightener that truly works is priceless and will help you to look and feel younger.

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How Does It Work?

It actually works by combining the ‘proven to work’ properties of the safest and most beneficial active ingredients. Almost all of the active ingredients are created from natural extracts like Kojic Acid, Mulberry, Bearberry plants and Licorice.

Does it contain hydroquinone or mercury known as potentially harmful ingredients?

The product doesn’t contain any harmful bleaching substances such as mercury or steroids. And it does not contain hydroquinone which is also known to be a harmful carcinogen.

The ingredients used in Civant Skincare’s Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex product, will naturally fade the dark skin spots and will eventually give you an even complexion. This cream is used to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmented skin on your body and/or your face.

meladerm pigment reducing complex
(above photo taken from official Civant website)

Why Are The Ingredients & How Are They Different?

There are actually other hyperpigmentation creams on the market that actually have some of the same ingredients that Civant Skincare products do.

What makes it different is the way the ingredients are put together and the research behind the formula. In order to keep the integrity of the different ingredients, you have to pay special attention to things such as how you package and combine the active ingredients.

Things like light and air will absolutely diminish the effectiveness of the active ingredient that are so important for this product to work as it should. So the packaging is very important. The company takes the extra steps to micronize and filter all of their active ingredients and extracts so that you get the best product for your dark areas. This takes the steps of how to lighten skin to a whole new level. Many of the cheaper brands of fading creams don’t go this extra mile…and so you just can’t expect the same results.

You can successfully use it for Black skin, white skin or Asian skin consistently and following the direction and the company is sure that you will see the results you are hoping for. It is considered one of the best skin lightening creams & also known to be the best for black skin

Plus, Civant doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals in their products.

What People Are Saying?

You don’t have to search very far to find a positive Civant Review. They are literally all over the internet. Below we have highlighted just a few of the real reviews that we have found from real users of this Cream.

Over the years I have tried many different products and must have literally spent hundreds on undelivered promises. I started using this product from around mid August of this year -it has only been around 6 weeks but I am impressed enough with the results to let others know about it.

I am part Asian and was lucky to have inherited my mother’s beautiful skin which I rather stupidly took for granted. I didn’t invest in sunscreen or a hat and before I knew it I had have very prominent sunspots on my forehead and cheekbones, around my eyes and across my top lip making me look as though I had a moustache!

I use the spots on my cheek bones as a gauge and even though the spots are still present they have definitely faded. My ‘moustache’is all but gone. I’ve come to accept that there is still a bit more work needed especially on my forehead. I have invested in some mineral make up which allows me to build up coverage effectively and my overall facial appearance is brighter and lighter.

My advice to anyone reading this would be to take the jump and get it. It is worth the money and lives up to the hype. Help it along by wearing sunscreen and be patient! I have found my regime now – it’s shame it’s taken me to get to my forties to do so :) Good luck everyone and thank you!~Kathy H.(provided by the company website)

Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex has really given me back my confidence! I’ve been a user for about five months and my skin is almost completely cleared. I had so many black spots on my face and forehead and just overall it looked so much darker than my real skin tone. I used this cream and have been going for regular facials and the results have been tremendous that even the woman who did my facial was asking what I use!! I would highly recommend that everyone try this product because it can really help you feel proud in your skin!~Tyra (provided by the company website)

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Are There Any Side Effects?

There are some minor side effects that you should be aware of. You may experience mild skin irritation (redness) for a short period of time. This should go away very quickly.

The other thing to keep in mind is that when using any type of cream for lightening skin pigmentation, your skin is more prone to sun damage. Meaning that you can burn more easily and cause even more problems to your exposed skin.

This is why it is very important to use a sun block with an SPF of at least 30 at all times. Actually, you should always be using a sunblock even when you are not lightening your skin.

How Much Is It & Is There A Guarantee?

Civant is so sure about the effectiveness of this Advanced Meladerm skin lightening cream that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.meladerm advanced skin lightener

The price for 1.7oz is $49.99. You apply it twice a day, morning and before bed.

It is important to be consistent and use the product as directed. Exfoliation of the skin and sun protection are 2 other things to do while using it. These will ensure that you get the best results possible. (actually you should be exfoliating your skin and using sunblock all the time to keep skin looking young & beautiful :) )

Some people do try a skin whitening or bleaching cream and wonder why it doesn’t work after a couple of days. You will need some patience. Some customers see a difference in just 2 weeks.

But, there are those that have needed to apply the cream faithfully for 2-3 months to get the results that they wanted.

By looking at the reviews and research, you can’t really deny that it does seem to work for many people. Plus, the company does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. These two facts make the decision to try it a little easier.

You Can Only Buy Online..

You will want to buy this skin lightener through the official site so that you are eligible for the 30 money back guarantee. Besides, you won’t find it in stores. So if you are tired of covering up and want that youthful glowing look then this cream is definitely worth a try!

Thank you for reading this article, I hope this information was useful. If you like the information, share with your friends, follow me and leave your comment below. Hope to hear from you.

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